#81 Disneyland Hotel…how it began to today!

Jeff and Sandy share the history of the very first Disney hotel, which almost didn’t happen.  Did you know initially the Disneyland Hotel was not owned by Disney? After being turned down by Art Linkletter, Sheraton and Hilton, Walt persuade Texas Oil Tycoon Jack Wrather.   The Disneyland Hotel opened in July 1955 almost 3 months after the theme park opened.  It wasn’t until 1988, this icon came to the Disney portfolio and expanded to the magic it is today with the Fantasy, Adventure and Frontier towers.  If you are looking for a real treat, reserve one of the signature suites – Adventureland, Big Thunder, Fairytale, Mickey Mouse Penthouse or Pirates of the Caribbean

Take a peak at the current rooms in this video.

Just a quick walk and an optional monorail ride to Disneyland!