#163 Adventures by Disney: Galapagos Expedition

Jeff and Sandy chat with special guest Mike Reinero all about his Adventure by Disney in the Galapagos.   This was Mike’s fourth adventure, completing the AbD trifecta – expedition, river and land!  Mike and his family met Sandy on his second adventure in Peru (at the time, Sandy’s 6th Adventure).

From the moment they left Ecuador the Adventure exceeded expectations.  From the amazing naturalists to spotting blue footed booby!  This trip was all about nature with hikes, kayaking, snorkeling and more! Stops included Floreana Island, Santa Cruz Island, Genovesa Island, Isabela Island, San Cristobal Island and more.  Sailing on the Galapagos Legend let them be close to it all.   

As with all Adventures by Disney, everything is included.  On expeditions, they even include guided gratuities.    

Mike booked the trip with to take advantage of a complimentary post night stay.  

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