#144 Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line Travel During Hurricane Season

Jeff and Sandy talk about what no one wants to hear…what if a hurricane is predicted during your trip?   They’ll cover the history of storms to impact Disney, the procedures Disney has in place and tips for helping you make the decision that is best for your family.  Sandy gives out a shout out to her favorite meteorologist, Jim Cantore and all the ride out crews at Disney Resort.

Storms to to cause Disney closures:
Hurricane Floyd 1999 1 1/2 days 
Hurricane Charlie 2004 1 day 
Hurricane Frances 2004 2 days
Hurricane Jeanne 2004 1 day  
Hurricane Matthew 2016 1 1/2 days  
Hurricane Irma 2017 2 1/2 days
Hurricane Dorian 2019 – 1 day 
Hurricane Ian 2022 – 2 days