#109 All You Need to Know about the 2022 Epcot Festival of the Arts

Jeff and Sandy take a look at Epcot’s shortest festival – Festival of the Arts from January 14 – February 21, 2022.   They will cover all the FREE things Disney includes from the Disney on Broadway Concert series, mural painting, kids chalk fun, animation academy and more.   Sandy shares a true highlight of the show – Visual Arts Performance the most amazing 15 minutes featuring Trevor Carlton & Stephen Fishwick as they dance and paint.   Check them out on  The second part of the festival is Culinary Arts and you can hear Sandy’s tips for finding shorter lines and hear her new favorites – Gnocchi Poutine & Deconstructed French Onion Soup.  Sandy also shares some of her great meeting with Greg McCulloough and Rob Kaz as well as a print from Will Gay.   This festival is sure to be highlight to kick off the new year.