#104 Help deciding which dessert party is right for your family at Walt Disney World!

It’s party time at Disney.   Hear about the 7 dessert parties, when they and what you will see.   Not sure if the party is for you?  We’ve got great alternate options too!

Magic Kingdom – Enchanment Fireworks in park options:
The after party – watch fireworks from Plaza Garden, then desserts after

The pre-party – desserts first then watch from Plaza Garden

Treat and Seat – enjoy the fireworks from your table at the Noodle Terrace aka Tommorrowland Terrace with treats before and during the show.

Celebration at the Top – a longer party held at the Contemporary including sushi, apps and desserts (no park admission required)

Ferrytale Fireworks: Sparkling Cruise – enjoy desserts while sailing the 7 Seas Lagoon aboard the fireworks (no park admission required)

Epcot Fireworks Dessert party – held per and during the fireworks with a unique after fireworks ride on Frozen Ever After

Hollywood Studios – seasonal party, Star Wars Fireworks Viewing Party

Magic Kingdom and Epcot fireworks can also be viewed by booking an fireworks pontoon boat from the recreation department.  Features light snacks and holds up to 10 people for one price!